8 iPhone OLED would have much visual appeal, but without any functionality as looks

 concept Home button iPhone 8

are expectant that Apple present their new devices, namely three new iPhone is expected to: iPhone 7s and 7s Plus and the new iPhone 8 OLED . New rumors have come out about the functionality of this new and long-awaited screen.

8 iPhone OLED curved may not be what we expect

as a aims Nikkei Asian Review this new screen could only be progress visually rather than functional . First, they point to the curvature of the screen will not be as dramatic as the presenting the current Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. For this reason we could forget effects as discussed such as notifications or banners at the edges, giving it a renewed and new functionality to the screen. Indeed, they consider that this change will be purely aesthetic, offering a better feel to the hand.

 concept iPhone 8 concept of an iPhone 8 OLED

Samsung will provide curved screens to Apple

designs from new iPhone models are still being finalized, but it seems that this curve will not be as dramatic as expected. In addition, the new screens will be work of Samsung for the Cupertino .

screens curved OLED in smartphones were first used by Samsung and more afternoon by companies such as Huawei. The choice of screens OLED by Apple is late but the Cupertino seem to have noticed the benefits of. Panels OLED allow a deeper color contrast, although Apple being the last to join the cart, doesn’t seem to be that they will surprise with new features. “Concept  

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anyway, we cannot forget the other functions, which will be the new iPhone 8, among them a possible FaceTime camera with 3D and Wireless charging.

what do you think that Apple will finally add a screen OLED in your new iPhone 8? Do you think that they will still surprise you? Leave us your comments.

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