8 iPhone could have hidden camera under the screen

Apple is developing two iPhone 8 with different characteristics

Apparently Apple could be doing several tests with two prototypes of iPhone 8. camera each of these have different solutions in regards to the Touch ID and where it will be located.

According to this rumor, both prototypes would also integrate other innovative features compared to the previous models.

Touch ID of 8 iPhone could in the back or below the screen

according to iDropNews Apple is doing different test with iPhone 8 features in two different prototypes: One Touch ID on the back of the device and with another with a sensor integrated below the display .

The first solution would apply only if Apple is not able to solve the problems of integration of Touch ID on-screen, since the original idea would be in principle the latter.

According to sources close to Foxconn, the report says that is “very likely” that Apple is layers produce an 8 iPhone with Touch ID integrated in the display .

Among the innovations that have been listed by iDropNews on the next Apple smartphone we can find that it will feature edges with a thickness of 4mm at the front screen with a slight curvature (2.5 countered glass) and glass back.

The front camera of the iPhone 8 could be “invisible”

the screen will be 5.8 inches, with a part dedicated to the famous functional area, which is composed of the Home button and other features that change based on the uses of the device.

In addition, front camera will be “invisible” and will be placed below the screen . Other features that also said that it will have the device are: recharge wireless size similar to the current iPhone 7 and largest Power button or a power button .

do you how you think that the new iPhone will be 8 Apple ?

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