8 iPhone could count 3.2 GB of RAM according to this report

while rumors of the iPhone 8 are costing some headache to Tim Cook, these still appear in some media as approaching the next Conference of Skinners, WWDC. On this occasion, the rumors are about memory RAM that can incorporate the next models of the iPhone.

increase the RAM memory in some iPhone, not all

TrendForce has just made public a new rumor on the next phone that prepares Apple’s face at the end of the year. According to the predictions of TrendForce Apple smartphones will have an average of 3.2 GB of RAM at the end of 2017 .

is a fairly significant increase taking into account that the most powerful iPhone in the market has an average of 2.4 GB [19459007-](un 33,4% menos con respecto a la capacidad media deel 2016). According to the same writers of this web page, is expected that the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, also known as “iPhone 8” or “iPhone X” will not have more than 3 GB of RAM .

 next iPhone with increase of RAM

internal components if you’re one of the enthusiasts who are expecting an increase of RAM to 4GB before 2018, I feel to give you bad news, TrendForce does not expect developments in this regard. However, these predict many other innovations like an iPhone with a display that incorporates 5.8 inch AMOLED technology and another iPhone with LCD technology of 5.5 inches with 3 GB of RAM inside. Last but not least the, TredForce predicts a smaller iPhone 4.7 inches below a RAM up to 2 GB .

the increase in RAM in Android

remember that many of the competitors of Apple in the high-end Android have decided to increase your RAM memory up to 4 or 6 GB . This is mainly due to the demand of the consumers in this market and to multiple resources consumed by the operating system.

 iPhone 8 will be so the next iPhone?

The growth in the size of the RAM memories within the smartphone has increased more than in the world of tablets and computers because “ these operating systems become extremely slow after a period of prolonged use “, said the analyst Avril Wu.

much of Apple users know that thanks to the development of the hardware and software, of Cupertino achieve better performance with fewer resources than their competition in Android. It is one of the strongest points for Apple, which has begun Google to copy in your last phone (Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL).


| TrendForce

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