7 Plus iPhone WINS Galaxy S8 in a test of actual use (Video)

iPhone 7 Plus defeat the Galaxy S8 in a Speed test of actual use

as always, the arrival of new mobile devices brings with it the respective test or comparative. In this case, we bring you a video that shows recent released phone by Samsung against highest model Apple released in September 2016, i.e., a test of actual usage between 7 Plus iPhone vs Galaxy S8 .

The S8 Galaxy has a more powerful than the iPhone 7 Plus hardware

apart from technical specifications, available RAM and more or less powerful processors, at the end what really matters to users is the experience of using which can be measured in different ways.

As far as we can see in the video that we leave then, the most recent device released by Samsung, the Galaxy S8, is beaten by 7 Plus iPhone in what would be a test of actual use.

The video in question shows us what the use would be more or less common to make most of the users with the device . In this way, we can see how applications and games, are open as you browse through internet and other standard functions.

7 Plus iPhone manages better than Galaxy S8 resources

as we have seen in the video, 7 Plus iPhone is able to open most of the applications and games almost in half the time you need the Galaxy S8 to open them.

With regard to the more complex operations, to carry them out it seems that the S8 Galaxy also becomes load all apps from scratch even those that were already open.

If we take into account the technical characteristics to hardware level, the S8 Galaxy should win the iPhone 7 Plus. However but if we see the evidence of the video, it seems that the situation is different due to the way in which iPhone manage available resources.

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