7 Plus iPhone demand surpassed all expectations

in yesterday, and as is custom of Apple for these dates, the Cupertino announced prosecutors results Q2 . And among so many figures, met Tim Cook by statements of the own to 7 Plus iPhone was a success and surpassed all the expectations foreseen prior to its release.

analysing the results prosecutors

the announcement of yesterday shows us a great amount of numbers that reflect behavior users against the company . Showing the success or failure of some products.
Now, after analyzing the numbers and know some statements of Tim Cook, we can understand as it has been the acceptance of the latest generation of iPhone

 iPhone 7 Plus in the foreground iPhone 7 Plus has been a success

the iPhone 7 Plus, chosen by most

when Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, beyond by 2014, the difference between the two models was the size of the screen (counting the Plus model with better resolution and battery).
The same thing happened in 2015 with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, where the difference lay in the screen and battery.

in 2016 Apple decided to do something different, launching two models where besides the difference in screen size and battery, they had different characteristics.
Thus the Model Plus got a double 12 megapixel camera (with the interesting “portrait” mode and a telephoto lens), and 3 MB of RAM (as opposed to the 2 MB of RAM from model 4, 7″).

this has led to users who wanted to enjoy the dual camera, need to acquire the Plus model.

 iPhone 7 Plus next iPhone 7 different cameras between the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

7 Plus iPhone exceeded expectations

while iPhone 6 Plus was a success when it arose, seems to be that Apple executives did not believe that history and the innovations that included the 7 Plus iPhone were a reason to tip the balance toward that model by users.

so said it Tim Cook when he said:

one of the things we didn’t do well, was the amounts of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The demand was much more strong for iPhone 7 Plus than we expected.

from Apple apparently have taken note of this, so Cook continued:

whenever we make a release, we learn something. And we apply everything I learned for next time.

with this, we might think that Apple has taken note and possibly not see missing a Plus model in the next release or a certain color (as happened with the glossy black). And we hope that the difference between the two models is not so notorious, allowing access to the same news without having to purchase the Plus model (which, for many, is extremely large).

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