$688.999 with Tim Cook a meal and visit the Apple Park

each year Tim Cook is involved in a charity event, where the auction is a lunch between him and the lucky winner of the same.
But this year is special because this auction includes not only a lunch, but a visit to the imposing Apple Park .

Tim Cook, in a usual charity

is lunch Cook involved in this activity together with the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights getting very good figures.
The auction takes place between Tim Cook and Charitybuzz where the main beneficiary will be the Foundation Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights that Apple part.

Tim Cook a person committed to works of charity

an auction record and award additional

every year held an auction, where the lucky winner has the possibility of a lunch with Tim Cook and on occasion VIP passes to any Apple event.
In this case the award includes the meeting with the CEO of Apple with a visit to the Apple Park .

the still under construction, Apple Park is a piece of monstrous Engineering where Apple will be headquartered. In addition will include a lot of spaces for employees Auditorium called “Steve Jobs” and a Centre visitors who want to learn a little more about Apple. This article can know the progress of the works at .

auction began with a base 10 thousand dollars and yesterday finished it with a $688.999 total.
This marked a record fundraising, exceeding revenues obtained in previous years (as of 2013 610 thousand dollars).

the lucky and at the same time wealthy winner will remain anonymous.
The auction is for two people and, according to clarify from Charitybuzz the date of completion is not yet provided and must be realized following the tight schedule of Tim Cook.

Apple, a company committed to the environment and charity

is certain that Steve Jobs was not notable for their works of charity being the “Product Red” the most highlight of this stage.
With the arrival of Tim Cook as CEO, Apple was more close to charity, keeping the classics Product Red (to raise money for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria), but also adding
sustainable technology reforestation programs in the new Apple Park and other actions that they demonstrate your commitment to the planet .

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