trade war will be waged in our skies the next trade war

than we can imagine, so experts say it, entire fleets of drones shopping ploughing our skies in search of information of all kinds from monitor crops, inspecting infrastructure, calculate how much can cost a solar roof installation… something very necessary for all types of businesses that are looking for in This new market getting stand out and gain a foothold in the sector.

one of the companies that is more committed to the development of this new type of autonomous drones is Airbus, in that not long ago created what they themselves called Airbus Aeria as and is not anything other than a company exclusively dedicated to the collection and treatment of all types of data, a field that , according to experts, could exceed the 120 billion dollars a year in the medium term.

Airbus is one of the first multinationals seeking to be a leader in what experts have dubbed the next great trade war.

to Brian Krzanich CEO of Intel:

data is the new oil. The data rate that can be create may explode in coming years.

to explain this, the own directors of Intel said that while today a self-employed car can generate the same data the day 3 thousand people surfing the internet, a small fleet of aircraft could create 150 terabytes of data per day.

on the other hand, and from a company rival Airbus as it is Lockheed Martin :

the operation of an unmanned vehicle has ceased to be an independent activity. There is an assortment of maps, photographs and video that are transmitted and need to be merged into a single operational image.

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