5 VPN services free for Pc and phone that you should know in 2017

 free vpn for Windows, mobile, PC VPN free PC 2017

a virtual private network (VPN) is largely a means to browse the Web more safely hide our public IP or access to video content that are blocked by country, either from a computer or mobile device.

here are some of the options to download, test, and install free VPN software for PC and Android .

list of programs VPN free

1. “Hotspot Shield

 hotspotshield free proxy and vpn is a very popular VPN service not only by its recommendation by the press as CNN and New York Times. It is free, also can be upgraded to the Elite category ($29.95 per year, about US$ 2.49 per month) if want to eliminate the advertising and access to other benefits.

HotSpot Shield is available for PC, Mac iOS and Android and not is not difficult to decide when turn on or off the connection . The service alerts you if you are on the verge of to access a web site that has been linked to malware or phishing.

 hotspotshield in android

If you want to test this VPN service questions has taken into account and I commented to personal mode – the connection was”almost always”wonders on my computer: load pages, videos, games, etc, although sometimes I had to to turn it off to correctly access certain web services.

But especially this comment, maybe, after you have tried this free VPN is that it not overloading the temporary (Windows) folder, this is beneficial because that normally in that folder (% temp %) tend to get scripts and viruses for PCs.]

but neglecting, if you are who want to use it on a mobile phone you have this and also other options, a little further down.

in general the service is trusted. At least some 200 million people have downloaded the app on its iOs mobile devices, as indicated in the same AppStore. And for Android or what to say, the application is light.

This VPN is ideal for use when we connect via Wifi away from home.

2. “CiberGhost VPN

 ciberghost information

CyberGhost : initially designed only for Windows, today also for Android & iOS.
is free, and it has been recommended by several high-tech web sites, including the magazine PC Magazine .

  • It is not necessary to register to make use of it.
  • free services users can choose Server by country of their choice but only with access to 22 of the more than 200 servers.
  • their Premium version costs 30 Euros per year (2.5 euros or US $3.40 per month).
  • security with Torrents: if want to be safe when using programs such as BitTorrent to download or upload content, you can use this service and thus hiding your IP address.

3. “TunnelBear

 tunnelbear free

TunnelBear free is a little different to the majority of VPN . It is more compact and minimalist. Described as “The most beautiful VPN enforcement” according to The Next Web portal .

Available for iOS, Android, PC and Mac, TunnelBear is a free VPN service . The free plan includes 500MB of free data per month. But can be upgraded to a payment plan ranging from $4.99 per month or $49.99/year.

The good news is that now added more countries to which we can connect via VPN. Before I could only be used with USA and the United Kingdom; Today, with Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Holland and Italy. The application also shows the amount of MB that are available for control.

If you want more MB: give you 1 GB (1024 MB) additional a month with just send a tweet using “@thetunnelbear” with the phrase you want. It requires prior registration.

 tweet to have megs free

without a doubt a great choice for download, also, to our smartphones and browsing web sites or videos from Youtube-restricted country safely.

4. “Cloack VPN service


provides 30 days free trial . Cloack plans cost just $1.99/month after the expiry of your free trial period.

The application installation is very simple, although it is necessary to register on the web site, rather than from within the same application.

Noted for its friendly and fast service customer. Please note, however, that Cloack is only available for Apple products: such as iPhones, iPads, iPods and computers Mac.

5. “VPNBook

 vpnbook for pc and mac os

VPNBook is a service of free VPN installation is a bit more complicated than the other services included in this list, but the positive side is that it is does not require a registration process before using it.

Works with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. He also works on iPad and Android also. Its web site offers detailed guides to configure the VPN connection. There are no limits of bandwidth . However, it is not clear what level of security being used at any given time: the site claims that VPNBook uses “such as AES-256, and AES-128 encryption techniques.”

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