5 projects we can do with Raspberry Pi for our House

there is many projects related to Raspberry Pi and thanks to MagPi, every month there are more projects that we can do with Raspberry Pi and a little money. In this case we are going to talk about 5 projects that we can do with Raspberry Pi to our House.

projects that make the House more useful and clear away the use of Raspberry Pi as minipc, is something that we all know. These projects are for the House but are not the only projects that exist for this area although if they are the most popular.

the Media Center of the home

using Raspbian combined with Kodi and a Raspberry Pi can have an economical and affordable media center . The process is simple and we can even replace it with OpenElec. In any case, you will only need a Raspberry Pi, a hdmi cable connect it to our TV and a wireless keyboard with built-in mouse to control the operating system options. The cost is quite affordable and that is certainly something interesting to home.

gateway SSH

many of us need to access from the outside to our computers and home computers. This can be a mess for IP addresses and for the security of the network, therefore we can use Raspberry Pi so you have the public IP address and to connect through SSH to the Raspberry Pi which will have connection with the equipment of the House . These teams will have a private IP address, so people from abroad may not access this. For this project, we will only need a Raspberry Pi along with Raspbian. Just that. “

Watch pets

 Watch pets

the famous Pi Cam can be a great accessory for monitoring babies or pets . Only have to connect the Cam Pi to our Raspberry Pi and place the camera in position to record where is the mascot or the baby. Then, to see that they have done or what they do only we must connect to Raspberry IP via SSH or remote control application to see that it was recorded or that it is recording.

this watch pets it is useful for the houses but it is also more expensive than other projects, since the price of Raspberry IP we have to add the price of the PiCam. In any case, is an interesting project for the home.

Firewall home

have talked about access to our systems from outside but also can make Raspberry Pi a shield against external attacks. In this case will only need one Raspberry Pi, a hub (if you have many computers with wired connection) and Tor for Raspberry Pi .

thanks to Tor and his “onion” technology, we can have a powerful firewall that not only protect us from attacks but that can perform anonymous web browsing . In this case the project is based on the software. To the better-known Raspbian must we add Tor and its technology. Something easy and simple. Conclusion

these 5 projects for Raspberry Pi are very easy to make and get we generally only need a Raspberry Pi 3 and be a handyman with the software. Something that is within the reach of everyone. However, these are not the only projects that exist for the home, a field that increasingly is becoming smarter and for less money.

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