5 Nokias that made history

with the release of the “new” Nokia 3310 and his older brothers, the Nokia 3, 5 and 6, much has been written of the end of the era of the smartphone and how the world will be running into the arms of phones that are not meant to be just that, phones.

Sincerely I do not think that it is so; However this new version of the 3310 Yes has put more than one nostalgic thinking about those big phones that it launched the Finnish firm and they did time. We will mention just 5 but they are free to recommend or mention some more.

PS: for those who did not live in #NOKIA time he reigned or already do not remember, worth mentioning that they were wonderful years in which one company prompted a category, surprised, took a chance and made the range its distinctive mark, something which I believe has been lost in the era of the rectangular bar that is the Smartphone of today.

  • Nokia 2160: for many it was their first contact with NOKIA, is “panela” enduring literally what the user asked. It had a 500 mAh battery that lasted for days, but NOKIA sold as an additional accessory a 1200 Mah and there Yes rather has just been the first year that the load of that phone. As curious was the first devices that brought vibration option, but with an extra battery that brought “the springs”, that other care because when that vibrated well couldn’t throw it to the floor. Oh and obviously impossible not to mention the secret menu which came through * 3001 #12345 – menu

a classic the 2160

  • Nokia 6820: pretty, pretty, what lovely, was not; but I had to see the face of the people when one “desdoblaba it” and was exposed that keyboard. Eye that this was years before the Blackberry masificaran and although it was only used to send text messages (which were very expensive at the time) was a glimpse of what was to come. In Colombia also became the 6810 which had a similar, although on a larger design. A curious fact, the 6820 was one of the first phones to have a navigable menu via a small “mouse” at the top of your front keyboard.

Novel, Yes, beautiful? mmmm

  • Nokia 5310: do not say that even not be they drool-worthy by this gem. There was a time before iPods and there this phone in bar along with all the others of the #XpressMusic family were Kings. With its 2 megapixel camera, slot for expansion of memory and dedicated buttons was everything a music fan could want. A curious fact there are those who say that you could be installed you Whatsapp but I may not have been the best experience of writing in the world.

Even today the 5310

  • Nokia N73 looks good: the expression “tote” was created for this phone, just had amazing specifications: browsing 3g, camera with autofocus 3.2 megapixel front camera for video call (you dial was to be the future), expansion with miniSD (not micro), excellent integrated sound card and a battery that lasted almost 4 days , this high-end, which today cost a high-end smartphone, but worth every penny. All NOKIA “N” line was impressive, but it took the laurels. A curious fact hearing aid came in two parts, because that could be used as stand-alone device with a Jack 3.5 mm or join a remote control and be used as a hands-free and music controller.

And also with camera with flash!

Swallow that Beats Audio!

  • Nokia 1100: Obvious, could not miss. Tough as few, flashlight, culebrita, ringtones composer (I had the magnificent ring) and more resistant to a Toyota Land Cruiser to have the phone more come in the history of mankind. This jewel together with his brother Nokia 1110 (remember? The screen with white light), have been each 250 million units leaving any iPhone as a mere amateur. This was really the first phone of many Colombians still recalls with nostalgia, in many sweet posts you can see even today selling minutes and they will be for many years more. An interesting fact is that it was also first phones to integrate alarm alarm, so many we wake up to the rhythm of the ringers of Nokia.

The case brought colors not bringing the screen!

and you, which other NOKIA remember?, would buy the new 3310?

Andrés Felipe Sanchez Cano

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