that a fully networked home can be also a security problem, shows the company of Sophos on the basis of the project “ Haunted House” on the smart, but not always safe CeBIT . Especially then, when individual components not adequately against unauthorized access are protected, can from the pleasant benefits, which a smart to bring home with them, quickly become a nightmare. The haunted house of the IT security professionals is common IoT equipped control systems, which control the individual devices and functions such as heating, lighting, window openers or also alarms can be.

 Sophos: Haunted House (image Sophos)

over a live display visitors on the Sophos booth can experience in a way, that poorly protected systems almost magically attract criminals. By means of a structure known as a honeypot, Sophos shows how poorly secured solutions again and again by unauthorised persons are attacked and often cracked. According to Sophos, for example protocols such as KNX not suitable to provide information and data safe – though these will be used in smart home solutions. Not least because Sophos provides manufacturers and suppliers in the obligation to ensure appropriate standards and safeguards.

manufacturers are relying increasingly on ULE standard

good also so more and more manufacturers such as Panasonic, Huawei, VTech, Crow and SerComm set to the wireless standard deemed to be particularly secure ultra-low energy ( ULE ). The dissemination of ROM-based products last but not least is increasing in Germany clearly -, because Deutsche Telekom, Gigaset and the FRITZ! Box manufacturer AVM key market leaders offer corresponding solutions. Several of the companies mentioned, CeBIT use as a stage to present their latest ROM products.

 smart home (image: Shutterstock)

the ULE standard based on DECT frequencies which are used worldwide for secure cord Los telephony. The proven technology was extended even more security features for the ULE standard. For example, ULE uses the advanced encryption standard (AES) for electronic data, which was developed by the U.S. National Institute of standards and technology. ULE systems are best protected through the use of AES-CCM encryption and authentication.

the fact that Jess is based on a technology developed over decades for secure phone calls, also means that the wireless standard to formally offered to steer your own four walls by voice. At the same time, manufacturers can enable their smart home systems to do this to communicate with the user in the opposite direction. A burglar through the garden door breaks or it comes to the smoke in the kitchen, that can tell you smart exactly home where danger lurks, instead of being just an alarm will be triggered.

in contrast to most other language solutions of control such as voice control on the own House remains Amazon or Google which used mostly cloud-based services, during a ULE limited. Criminals can therefore not simply through the virtual “back door” in the smart home access. In addition certified products can be the ULE Alliance regardless of the manufacturer combine, what is possible with other smart home systems not readily.

to respond to the local door bell from anywhere

of course wired smart home solutions like the new DoorLine Slim DoorPhone by Telegärtner Elektronik are particularly safe. The SLIM is an evolution of the DoorLine classic, already used by many households and companies. Like the classic or the flagship DoorLine Pro exclusive, the new DoorLine slim the doorbell via the often already existing telephone system connects the landline or even cell phone. Thus, you can respond from every room and even on the road on the doorbell. It is located just in the bathroom, you missed no visitors or suppliers with this smart home solution yet. And even by lounging by the hotel pool you can take the door call – and if necessary provide at a gravel-feeling at home, but prevents to be. For an ordinary burglar who want to check whether someone in the House is the deterrent should be enough.

the doorbell to the a/b port of the telephone system are connected by wire. Differently than conventional door intercommunication systems is eliminated however the installation of telephones in the House. Instead, you can use local landlines also cordless phone or cell phone to take the door call and, if necessary, to open the door. Other features and functions include including call forwarding and the exciter technique developed by Telegärtner Elektronik, which ensures a natural sound picture HD according to the manufacturer. If you want, can the DoorLine also set up, that she chooses to additionally stored number – either after a period of up to 40 seconds, defined by the user or it promptly when no connection is possible via the main telephone number. To facilitate the transition from a DoorLine customers classic on the slim, Telegärtner offers a set of adapter plate so that the DoorLine slim on the existing flush mount can be. A very “smart” solution.

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