3Dfils launches three new strands for printing 3D

you can get a free sample to try and decide if you want to acquire the material or not.

3Dfils surprises us with the launch of three different materials for 3D printers using FDM technology.

as for the similarities of the three materials, highlight that all have been developed to offer an optimal and fast printing in any with FDM technology 3D printer . So that any user can decide what type of material you more interested in at any time, all of them are accompanied by a very complete sheet detailing the particularity that presents each one of them.

in as to the differences, highlighting, for example, that the eFil is a flexible filmaneto with a hardness shore A85 and good mechanical properties can reach a stretch of 754% up to the breaking point. For its part the eFil + offers a hardness A65 offering a stretch to break a 1110%. Finally the hFil is a filament that is recommended for the creation of rigid parts being able to withstand mechanical stress without breaking. Presents a hardness shore D80.

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