3 projects with Arduino to keep our garden

 apples with chips

the world of gardening has revitalized with copyleft Hardware. This is thanks to the possibility to be able to keep only the garden without human action. There are currently many projects that use the free Hardware in agriculture or gardening all work, but many are for certain situations or for certain crops.

a we show you below three projects that serve to all levels either have a particular crop or a certain area.


Garduino is a very interesting project helps us have the plant with water without having to be close to . An interesting project to be able to go on vacation without asking the neighbor to us water plants. Garduino uses a sensor of humidity and heat, in such a way that when the Sun is emphasized on the plant or ground moisture low, active Arduino board water pump and irrigates the land of plants . Garduino we can find in this link .

system of irrigation own

current irrigation systems are very expensive, unless you want to get a cheap irrigation system and to consume much or more than but we have it. Arduino can be used irrigation Manager and for less money than professional systems. In addition, thanks to software and wifi, modules Arduino can activate the irrigation system without being present us . This project is very interesting for agriculture or gardening professionals. You can find more information at this link .

gardening in the kitchen

this project is very interesting because it allows us transform an old refrigerator for wine into a portable greenhouse that we can use in the kitchen. This small greenhouse will allow us have spices and herbs in the kitchen and everything in a way cool without additives or anything similar. Obviously, not everyone uses a wine cooler, but it is a good project for recycling don’t believe? You can find it in its repository github.

there are many projects related to the world of plants but certainly these three projects are interesting and important for those who love this world. In addition all need an Arduino board, a free plate quite economical and completely free.

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