How long does you the iPad mini?

April 30, 2017 knbrothers 0

many followers and readers have asked us on the”lifetime” of some Apple devices ( iPad Air 2 iPhone 5s ) but how much fits the mini iPad?, are we to the latest iPad mini? is it worth to buy one at the moment? mini iPad and its cycle of life […….]

Check the activity of the hard drive

April 30, 2017 Fix It Pro 0

five programs to check the activity of the hard drive you’re going to present, work the same way as the front led of your computer tower. Both lights flashing (the programs and the Tower) indicating activity of reading and writing, running on the hard drive of your computer . the […….]

80 sharp: Emulator of TRS-80 microcomputer

April 30, 2017 Fix It Pro 0

Sharp 80 is a powerful microcomputer TRS-80 emulator. The service comes with all components for Z-80 microcomputer emulation (propia RAM y DOS). The program will behave as a fully functional microcomputer and will have to be operated under the language BASIC (commands). If you don’t have the knowledge of commands […….]

Programs to check the power of the Wi-Fi

April 29, 2017 Fix It Pro 0

often have access to e-mail or to a particular Web page problems; and usually we take the blame to these providers. But in reality not give us account that the real problem comes from our router. This is why we are presenting the 5 programs to check the signal quality […….]