2-in-1: Acer integrated fingerprint sensor in new switch models

Acer 3 has introduced with the switch 5 and switch the new generation of its switch 2-in-1-Detachables. A revised design, a higher battery life and a fingerprint reader for biometric logon on Windows are among the innovations Hello. The switch 5 is from July to a non-binding retail price from 999 euro commercially available, the switch 3 as of June, starting at 499 euros.

 Acer switch 5 (image: Acer) Acer switch 5 (image: Acer)

both new switch models have a compatible keyboard via a magnetic hinge is fastened and adjusted in each preferred angle.

the switch 5 has a 12-inch touch display in the 3:2 format with angle-strong IPS technology and offers a resolution of 2160 times 1440 pixels. It is the latest Intel -powered core i processors of the seventh generation. Intel’s HD graphics 620 is responsible for the graphic. The switch 5 supports up to 512 GB PCIe SSD and 8 GB of expandable LPDDR3 SDRAM.

 Acer switch 5 (image: Acer) Acer switch 5 (image: Acer)

the switch 5 Acer’s patented LiquidLoop liquid cooling is the now, by the way, also for the first time in an all-in one device which yesterday featured aspire 27U is used. Users should receive as a powerful but nevertheless totally silent 2-in-1 device.

the battery life of the switch 5 is up to 10 hours on the manufacturer. For the security against unauthorised access and comfortable log the integrated fingerprint reader the power button as you make should, via Windows Hello allows quick access of authenticated users on their projects. Acer TrueHarmony are for the sound and smart amplifier on board.

the stable u-shaped stand promises a seamless adjustment of the tilt angle up to 165 degrees. He will allow the comfortable use on the desktop, on the plane or on the lap. The hinges are robust they easily handle also frequent changes of the angle, so the manufacturer. For darker environments, is the keyboard of the switch 5 background lighting and should thus provide additional comfort when working. The keyboard is 5.85 mm flat and offers a key hub of 1.4 mm. The large touchpad supported Windows 10 -gestures.

 Acer switch 3 (image: Acer) Acer switch 3 (image: Acer)

the switch 3 offers according to the manufacturer as an all-rounder for surfing in the Internet, for Office works and to the video streaming. The 12.2-inch touch display with IPS technology perspective strongly resolves 1920 times 1200 pixels with. Intel Pentium and Celeron processors are used here. The switch 3 comes with 64 GB eMMC memory and has 4 GB LPDDR3 SDRAM. Also here you can expand the memory above the slot MicroSDXC. The battery life is specified with up to 8 hours.

for the data transfer with up to 5 GBit / s, power delivery as well as DisplayPort compatibility the units have a USB 3.1 type C-port. Also other devices such as cell phones can be charged via the connection. Moreover, both models have an optional USB type C dock 3.1 type A port and Bluetooth 4.0

for the switch 5 is a USB available. It enables the connection of additional displays and other devices. Provides connection in the following ways: DisplayPort, HDMI, two USB 3.1 type C connectors and three USB type A connectors, as well as an audio input for microphones and a speaker sound output port.

both models support the Acer active Pen that is already included in the scope of delivery on many models. Windows ink can create such notes or drawings directly on the screen. When entering through the Acer active Pen with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, the display ignored the presented Palm.


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