$ 100 million bruised Google and Facebook

from 2013 to 2015 should a man from Lithuania by Facebook and Google a total of about 100 million dollars with counterfeit bills have swindled. He has the US magazine Fortune according to exploited the relationship of the two companies to the Asian manufacturer quanta computer. Accused by the U.S. Justice Department the Lithuanians to have faked E-Mail addresses, invoices, and stamp.

 arrest (image: Shutterstock/Ilya Andriyanov) arrest (image: Shutterstock/Ilya Andriyanov)

the suspect was in March arrested so far was already but unclear, whom he had betrayed. Fortune has now found out that were the victims of Facebook and Google. You have admitted that both now.

succeeded the scammers, to move the accounting departments of both companies to bank transfers amounting to several million $ each. Before it was noticed that the invitations something is lazy, approximately $100 million were transferred. You should be have been distributed on several accounts at banks in Eastern Europe. Linas Kuprusevičius, the lawyer of the accused denies his guilt in an E-Mail to fortune and announces, to prevent the extradition to the United States because no fair trial waiting for him there.

against Fortune have both Facebook and Google explains that it already for the most part, or even got back the embezzled money. The U.S. authorities interviewed by the magazine all pointed out that the fraud case is not an isolated case, but withdraw from another, beating almost every day at the investigators cases by the amount of corruptionpocked.

so-called business E mail scams and business-E-mail-compromise (BEC) or – CEO-fraud – is still targeted – an increasingly major problem. Criminals take the fact this advantage, that many information on companies and their internal Organsiattionsstruktur now just onlione are searchable. Occasionally they break even in mail systems, listen awhile with and are then able to imitate the style of colleagues or to refer, to increase the credibility only internally known facts.

also the observation of social networks is one of the routine tasks of the Hintermämnner. It is them so then about possible exactly then, to strike if a person otherwise responsible is unavailable or a has become well known fact – about the diving holidays abroad – as a reason for it to lead, that that just not can intervene and staff rooms to ask an unusual transaction. A such, active also in Europe fraud network Interpol had smashed last year as

trend micro estimates that cybercriminals succeeded BEC fraud through 2013-2015 could get about $2.3 billion. Then also the 100 million of Google and Facebook include. insurer Euler Hermes informs on a dedicated page on the phenomenon. It says among other things: “almost always be money transfers to foreign accounts, especially in Asia and Eastern Europe. Is blown then the fraud, the accounts are usually empty cleared or retrieval is difficult because of the foreign legal system. Often, employees in foreign subsidiaries of the company are addressed specifically. This makes it difficult making personal contact with the responsible institutions in the company, of which the alleged instructions come the employees.”

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