10 Windows: Have more lawsuits against Microsoft

Microsoft gave users the possibility of adopting Windows 10 free of charge for one year, while in the background, still active . The problem is that the updates are not always clean, and many computers were caught with 10 Windows which causes loss of data and productivity. Lawyers for three users concerned filed a new claim in the Court of Chicago, and its purpose is to reach all the handicapped who switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in a classic format of class action lawsuit.

the latest round of rumours suggests that 11 April is the day chosen by Microsoft to launch the new Creators Update Windows 10 . The Redmond giant is delaying a bit more of the account to confirm the exact date, but it seems that it won’t happen in the first two weeks of next month. Major upgrades automatic profile is concerned about many users, and in various forums already it is recommending manual interruption of the service from Windows Update as a temporary measure. Let’s be honest: no one wants to see an update fail but Microsoft record leaves much to be desired. The difference is that some users have the time, money, and determination to take Microsoft to court.

lawyers called Windows 10 a ‘ defective product’

this is the case of Stephanie Watson Robert Saiger and Howard Goldberg of the State of Illinois. The legal representatives of these three users filed a lawsuit in the District Court of Chicago, under which accuse Microsoft of not taking the precautions enough in the design and manufacture of Windows 10 upgrade, and launch a ‘ defective product’ loss of data and damage to hardware causing. Stephanie Watson received the update to Windows 10 «without your authorization”and in addition to losing files related to his work, the equipment could not be repaired, so he had to buy another. Howard Goldberg accepted the offer «after six months of daily applications» resulting in loss of information and a computer out of service. Robert Saiger also found errors after upgrade and should invest an unspecified amount of time and money to extract its files.

logically, the position of Microsoft is that demand lacks merit update was not mandatory the company offered free support during the year that lasted for the program, and there was the ‘rollback’ option within 31 days. Lawyers hope to raise the profile of the process to a class action lawsuit that will reach all the users in the United States harmed by the update from Windows 7 to Windows 10 within 30 days. In essence, hundreds of thousands of people.

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