10.3.2 iOS is now available for official

Apple has launched barely a few minutes ago iOS 10.3.2 in an official way for all the equipment compatible with this version, which in this case will depart from the iPhone 5 onwards. Perhaps the novelty more noteworthy of this update.

iOS 10.3.2, an upgrade that begins the road to iOS 11

with iOS already released 10.3.2, starts a new phase within Apple. A before and an after.

Apple already warned him, iOS 11 will not support 32-bit devices or applications. “The end of everything this is avoid to begin to have fragmentation inside its own app store, with a catalog of apps and outdated games not leveraging the power that Apple gives their devices more current and that ends up harming the performance of these in terms of battery, unexpected closures, etc.

 iOS 11 alpha iOS 11 , an update in which prevail expected performance.

iOS 10.3.2 starts that way, with a movement which puts on notice to developers and that in turn also affects indirectly users.

do I am the one who is looking forward to it on 5 June to learn iOS 11 in WWDC 2017? secure that the day we will find a justification more detailed of this movement.

I can update, but as you know I have apps that will stop working

If you’re one of those users that can update to this version iOS 10.3.2, quiet, at the moment 32 bit apps will continue working (at least have been doing in all the betas) but we advise you to take a look at this post in which I teach how to identify apps that will not be supported in iOS [11]so that you can anticipate and seek alternative apps that address functions that you use those apps in your day to day. We are planning to record a video on our YouTube channel about it.

If you want to upgrade you can do so via iTunes from your Pc or Mac, and but can also do this from the settings of your iOS device.

if we know more details of the update will be counting them you on our social networks or in this same article with the same updates. However, we look forward to your comments, tell us that it is looking to your experience with the update, do see an improvement in their performance and autonomy?

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